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Project Finance

Our team is composed of experienced professionals in the Project Finance of large-scale projects in both the energy and the real estate sector e.g. projects that are either on Build Own Operate ("BOO") or Build Own Operate and Transfer ("BOOT") basis and Public Private Partnerships ("PPP").   

Financial models services are vital to support business decisions in assessing the total investment costs of a given project and the economic feasibility of the project i.e. to determine the project’s capability of servicing debt and operating expenses.

In addition, a sound and well structured business plan is essential to convince banks through adequate documentation that both the project development company is capable and that the project is based on a sound economic rationale.

We propose the following services as part of its Project Finance Consulting services: 

  1. The preparation, reviewing and updating of user-friendly financial models for the purpose of debt structuring analysis including sensitivity analysis, and  

  2. The preparation of comprehensive business plans based on the information provided by its client. 

Our Project Finance team is committed to help energy companies and real estate developers make the right financing decisions in view to increase their return on investment and diminish their investment's payback period.

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