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Call Cycle

Our European Union ("EU") Call Cycle Management service provides your company with a turnkey solution to participating to EU funded projects e.g. under the Horizon Europe Framework Programme. Trusting us to look for project partners on your behalf increases your company's success rate in finding partners. 

Together, we select the right calls to apply to in function of your company's strengths. We nevertheless keep our eyes and ears open to opportunities in other calls and projects, as the way that your capacities may be put to work in EU projects is only limited by the imagination. 

Most importantly, we work together to reach the largest audience of stakeholders whose capacities meet yours and with who developing a project is an organic development. We promote your company's interest before our network, which we have been continuously growing over the years, until we find a project consortium for your company to participate into. 

We may also accompany you and your company throughout the whole EU cycle, whereby we: manage your company's relations with the consortium; negotiate on your behalf the best terms for the Grants Agreement; manage the reporting requirements during the project implementation period, and; manage the dissemination and exploitation activities of your project. 

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