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Our Company

ITC-Europa is a Brussels-based consultancy company founded in 2003. We specialize in advocating for the interests of innovative companies, research and development organizations, government authorities and trade associations before the European Union, its Institutions and its stakeholders.


In a nutshell, we increase the likelihood of our client's success in leading his or her activities before the EU. We provide a tailored assistance to our clients and accompany them in all the steps of their journey in the EU.  

You should contact us if you:

  1. require a one-stop shop solution in view to receive EU public funding (e.g. from the Horizon Europe Framework Programme), 

  2. require to develop the network that will allow you to focus on creating and sustaining, mutually beneficial and lasting partnerships, and

  3. wish that your needs are carefully attended to by a flexible team that is not scared to put in place innovative solutions that will exceed your expectations.

About Us

Our Client Profile

Our typical client wants to develop a presence in the EU:


  • He/she wants to follow the formulation of EU legislations and promote his agenda.

  • He/she wants to develop projects funded by the EU's Framework Programmes (e.g. Horizon Europe). 

However, our typical client sometimes either does not know where the journey starts, is overwhelmed with information or needs assistance in focusing his or her efforts. 

Our Consulting Services

We provide a Brussels liaison office in addition to a turnkey access to some large network of EU stakeholders and policy makers. We keep our clients updated on the latest EU issues in view to push their agenda before the right audience. Throughout this process, we develop a close relationship with our clients and carefully understand their needs. 

We constructed our services around the following four pillars: 

  1. Knowledge: we raise the customer’s awareness of EU affairs and programmes by providing tailor-made Sector-Specific Bulletins.

  2. Visibility: we scale-up the client’s EU network based on his centers of interest (e.g. to participate and apply to EU grants.) We can organize our client's involvement to conferences and roadshows.

  3. Participation: we provide EU call management services where we identify the right EU call and find the right consortium partners. We assist throughout the reporting period and ensure the quality of projects' deliverables.

  4. Consolidation: we provide training in view that the client feels more confident managing his own EU cycle.

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